Tumbling & Acrobatics

What is Acrobatic Gymnastics?

For those of you who may be newcomers to Acrobatics Gymnastics, we would like to give you a little information on the sport itself so that your viewing of these wonderful athletes may be more appreciated. 

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a combination of dance & gymnastics. It is a partner sport with music on a 40 x 40 spring competition floor. If you've seen a Cirque De Soleil performance, you've seen Acrobatic Gymnastics.

There are five events: Women's Pair, Men's Pair, Mixed Pair, Women's Group & Men's Group. Within each event there are three different exercises performed: Balance routine, Dynamic routine, & Combined routine. The balance routine contains elements/skills that must be held in a static position for a required length of time. The dynamic routine involves elements/skills that require flight. The combined routine is a combination of skills that are both balance & dynamic elements.

The pairs or groups must choose their music well, use the area of the competition floor to a maximum, move gracefully, in rhythm, perform with expression & emotions as well as be technically as perfect as possible in form & timing with his or her partner (s) & music. All of these take a great deal of time, practice & effort to present to you, the spectator, a delightful picture of poetry in motion.


Selena Chain Peco is the Owner/Head Coach of Fliptastics. She has been involved in Acrobatic Gymnastics for over 30 years.

She is a former Elite competitor earning numerous medals & has represented the United States at World Championships. Selena has served as Head Coach for Acrobatic Gymnastics at three World Championships. She is also a certified dance instructor.

As a coach, her athletes have earned medals nationally & internationally. She has had athletes named to national teams since 2004. 

During her coaching career she has earned several awards such as Rookie Coach of the Year, Junior Olympic Coach of the Year, Region 3 Coach of the Year & the Region 3 Star Service Award.

Selena is currently an internationally rated Brevet judge for acrobatics. She has been a member of the Acrobatics Gymnastics Program Committee with USA Gymnastics since 2004. Currently, Selena is the Chairman of the Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Committee.